Spring – Summer 2015

The Beating of my Heart –

Painted this at drum circle on a Sunday at Malcolm X Park. SOLD

Gone with the wind –

A sweet child lost her balloon on the pier. Sometimes days just aren’t their best.

ChickenFish! –

Uhh… balanced diet?

Mama Gaia –

This is actually a renewed version of an old drawing I made of this. I love this picture so much. Mother Earth stargazing. Or is the beautiful comet coming to her demise?


A character from one of my stories. Profile coming later…

Kid Goku on Nimbus! –

I remember watching DragonBall Z a lot as a kid. Up until recently, I had the chance to catch up on Dragon Ball on Hulu :D

“Palm Trees”

Using only Painting Knife No.5

Twin Souls – parallel universe


The finished product from “Boxtrolls and Ratatouille”


Inspired by my longing to meet Africa. My love for face paint, and polka dots

“Golden waves”

inspired by sunsets. and desert settings.


Summer collection of 2015!