I almost forgot to post about the Art Show with Painting Out Poverty this past Saturday. It. Was. Fabulous. Feel sorry if you missed out. Feel happy because it was a success anyway! :D A lot of my art was sold there so some of your favorites from my gallery will be gone. But don't worry!! I'll be constantly filling up with more stuff. Please contact me if you see something still hanging in my gallery that you want. I am also open to special requests. Get em' while they're hawt!! ;D

Aside from that, I got connected to a great group of arts organizations and local artists. Had many great conversations. About how art was validating. Art is important. yet art is one of the first things cut from school budgets in times of financial difficulties.
It's ironic, because in American society we're kind of conditioned to thinking of the arts as somewhat less valuable and profitable than sciences or math. Yet art sparks a chain of creativity and allows for artists to grow and take things to the next level. Not being another pawn in someone else's plan. It was somewhat unreal. For a first art show experience -- well actually BEING a part of one, was freakin' dope. I felt so much empowerment and support from the arts community in the District. It was a beautiful day. And I hope to share many, many, many more

Yesterday evening was spent celebrating the graduation of the AmeriCorps team in Washington DC at the Latin American Youth Center. I was honored among the many members graduating, as a PYD professional-- since I wasn't officially on the team. Simply working closely as a contractor.

I was nominated as the most spirited :D Couldn't have been happier ^_^
"for having great spiritual presence and investing a lot of my soul into the work I do."

Started an art collaboration with my best friend yesterday. Really brightened the spirits from earlier that day. Pics will be posted of the finished piece...

Come See me at the First Annual Art Show of Painting Out Poverty in DC!!! (POPDC)